Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics in Elementary and Middle School

Common Core ELA - Short Focused Research Projects

Connecting the Dots

Co-Teaching to Meet the Needs of All Students This is a HYBRID Course

Principals Toolkit: Reading Strand

VSI Science Leadership Support Sessions - NEW NGSS DATE ADDED

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Seminar - From Vision to Practice

Mathematics Leadership Support Systems (MLSS) K-8 Implementing the CCSS in rates, ratios and proportions, lesson study, and effective instructional strategies for promoting math discourse

The Importance of Talking and Writing in Iquiry-Based Science Teaching

Digging Deeper: Exploring the Learning Progression of Measurement, Data and Statistics

Learning Focused Interactions

**** THIS IS NOW FULL **** AOE Common Core Institute - ELA

** THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL ** Focused Instruction for Struggling Math Students with Mahesh Sharma - K-8 Teachers - March 17

Diagnostic Assessment & Tier 2 Instruction with Mahesh Sharma - March 19 or April 9

Enhancing Pedagogy with Technology

Mathematics Leadership Support Systems (MLSS) K-8 Part 2

Do They Really Get it? Building K-8 Student Conceptual Understanding in Math and Science

Co-Teaching & Differentiated Instruction: Essential Processes for Facilitating Access to the Core Curriculum with Rich Villa

Principals Toolkit: Writing Strand- Martha Dubuque

CANCELED Science and Literacy: Discourse and Writing

The Principal's Toolkit: Math Strand

* CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT* Leadership for Differentiating Schools and Classrooms

Principals Toolkit: Quality Conversations in a Common Core Kind of World

** THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL ** Number Sense & Number Concept with Mahesh Sharma - K-2 - March 18

* THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL * Assisting Students Struggling with Mathematics in Elementary and Middle School

Teachers Evaluation & Walk Throughs

Mathematics Leadership Support Systems (MLSS) K-8 Implementing the CCSS in Mathematics

Instructional Practice in Improving Comprehension and Other Reading Processes - CANCELED

* This Class is FULL * Co-Teaching

Goin' Google

Laying the Foundation: Building a Deep Understanding of Number in the Primary Grades

Diagnosis and Remediation of Math Problems with Mahesh Sharma K-4 General Workshop

Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar Level 1 (Days 1-4)

STEP UP! Protect Kids Vermont

* CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT* Studying Skillful Teaching

AOE Common Core Institute - MATH

Childhood Apraxia of Speech: A Three-day Seminar in Assessment & Treatment

Consultation & Collaboration in the Schools

Web 2.0

** THIS COURSE IS FULL ** Math Lab School: Number Concept, Additive Reasoning, through Multiplicative Reasoning - Grades K-4

Developing a Framework for School Counseling Programs - CANCELED

Play Therapy Seminar

Developing Extended Scientific Inquiry Projects in Secondary Science Courses

Ensuring a High Quality Mathematics Education for All with Mahesh Sharma - Grades 8-12 General Workshop

Differentiated Instruction in the Mixed-Ability Classroom - Level 2

Cognitive Coaching Foundation Seminar (Days 5-8)

Principal Supervision Evaluation and Pay for Performance

Cancelled - Introduction to CCSS Mathematics for Grades 9-12

Multiplicative Reasoning: A Mathematics Lab School

Using the Framework for Teaching Evaluation and Compensation

Conflict Resolution and Collaboration

ASCD - Strategies for Designing, Implementing, and Evaluating Professional Development

Vermont Science Initiative

Northern Lights Orff Workshop

The Principal's Toolkit: Science Strand

Supporting Special Education Collaboration: Using Conflict Resolution Skills to work with Professionals and Parents

Best Practices in Science Teaching

Responsive Classroom Level I & II

The Principal's Toolkit: Writing Strand

Preparing for National Board Certification

How to Reach Struggling Literacy learners: Tier 2 Strategies

* Canceled* Bringing Out the Best in Students, Schools and Staff: From the Inside-Out

Adventures in Learning: Low Challenge Course Programming in the School Setting

CANCELED A Mathematical Exploration for Practicing Special Education and Classroom Teachers: Additive Reasoning, Multiplicative Reasoning, Proportional Reasoning and Rational Numbers

Teaching for Critical Reading in Grades 4 - 12

Cancelld Fractions: Math Lab School

Canceled - Parent Involvement for Student Success

Differentiated Instruction in the Mixed-Ability Classroom Level 2

Strategies for Sustaining the Responsive Classroom Approach in Your School

Mathematics Lab School: Fractions

Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training Level 1

Creative Movement and Folk Dance for Physical Education

* This Class is FULL * Goin' Google for Educators

*CANCELLED DUE TO LOW ENROLLMENT* Responsive Classroom Level 1 (RC1)

Principals Internship Program - Info Session

Canceled - Teaching the Research Paper: A Step-by-Step Approach to Living, Breathing Research-Based Writing

Managing for Today, Leading for Tomorrow

Social Studies and Web 2.0

REAL Boomerang Institute 2009

Reading & Writing in the Career Technical Classroom

The Future of Education in Vermont: The School Counselor's Role

Literacy Lab School

Common Formative Assessment

Developing Proportional Reasoning

Communication Skills for Educators POSTPONED

Best Practices in School Counseling

Introduction to the Orff Approach

Inquiry-Based Science Unit Development

Data-Driven Decision Making and Data Teams

Developing a Framework for School Counseling Programs

Improving Math Instruction Refresher Day

Improving Math Instruction: Using Vertical Acceleration

Media Literacy Education

Multiplicative Reasoning: Math Lab School

Pathwise: Framework Induction Program

Polarity Management

The Three Minute Classroom Walk-Through

What to Look for in the Results-Oriented Math Classroom

What to Look for in the Results-Oriented Science Classroom